Compliance Consulting Services

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND COMPLIANCE: The Firm also provides other consulting services to help the entity improve its financial management and also help it comply with the terms and conditions of its grants and agreements with governmental and other agencies.

The following professional services are provided on an independent consultant basis:

  • Assistance with preparing the entity’s annual budget.
  • Assistance with developing internal control policies and procedures designed to strengthen internal controls and promote overall operational efficiency.
  • Preparation of cost reports required by granting agencies.
  • Assistance in implementing accounting systems.
  • Assistance in implementing billing and practice management systems.

In addition to the above we are available to function as an entity’s Chief Financial Officer and supervise the finance and accounting departments. The services provided would include:

  • Training and supervision of personnel.
  • Implement internal controls policies and procedures.
  • Establish banking relationships.
  • Periodic reconciliation of all accounting records.
  • Prepare the annual budget; perform comparisons and interpret periodic trends.
  • Reporting to governing body and outside grantors.
  • Interaction with independent auditors to facilitate all audits.